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Rika Ayano
Rika Profile.png
Japanese Name 綾野 梨花 (Ayano Rika)
Voiced by Japanese: Kanae Ito

Rika Ayano is one of the original characters of the 2017 mobile game Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story: Magia Record


General Info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Red
  • Hair colour: Blonde


  • Soul Gem: Red fleur-de-ils on her neck
  • Weapon: Compact mirror
  • Wish: For the person she likes to fall in love with her (exact wording unknown).
  • Witch form:
  • Japanese pronoun: atashi (あたし)
  • School: Central Academy

Game Info

Game related data
Rarity Final Lv Type Attribute
★3 → ★4 80 Magia Attribute flame.png
Initial 3645 1565 1197
Max at ★3 12305 5396 4098
Max at ★4 15997 7015 5330
Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk accele.png Disk blast horizontal.png Disk charge.png
Connect: If I'm with you, we'll be fine!
★3: Accele MP Gain UP [VI] & Probability Critical [VI]
★4: Accele MP Gain UP [VIII] & Probability Critical [VIII]
Magia: Brilliant Beam
★3: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [III]
★4: Attribute Strengthened Damage All Enemies [V] & Chance to Charm (All / 1 T)


A modern gal type magical girl who loves the latest fashion and makeup. Contrary to the fad follower norm, though, she is earnest in love, and she hides painful feelings that she has worried about for a long time. With her sincere personality, she is the type that can get anyone to open their heart to her.

Side Story

Rika is invited to a blind date by Emiri Kisaki. Emiri brings along Hinano Miyako, who just had her heart broken. During the blind date, the boys makes fun of Hinano's youthful appearance and odd speech patterns. Rika sticks up for Hinano, much to the latter's surprise. (It's also revealed Hinano is actually a third year high school student). After the blind date Rika leaves with Emiri and Hinano. Rika admits that like Hinano she also has a broken heart. Hinano realizes she didn't say anything about that and that Emiri told Rika. Hinano then yells at Emiri for telling people embarrassing things about herself. Emiri and Rika reassure Hinano, and Rika adds that Hinano is cool for being able to confess to her crush. In Rika's case, she never confessed and her crush already has someone.

Emiri then suggests that Rika should make a wish. Emiri reveals that herself and Hinano are magical girls, and that they get one wish. She also tells Rika that magical girls have to fight monsters, but brushes it off as a walk in a park. Rika wonders if this is some sort of game, while Hinano chastises Emiri for speaking about magical girls. Rika wonders if she could wish to change a person's feelings, to which Emiri agrees. Hinano warns Rika against becoming a magical girl, but after some prompting from Emiri, suggests that Rika should wish for something that seems impossible and also to think about the price. After Rika leaves Emiri and Hinano, Kyubey appears before her and offers her a contract. Rika thinks about what Hinano and Emiri said to her. She then flashes back to how her crush is dating someone. She elects to become a magical girl, mentally apologizing to Hinano.

Rika muses that her wish was granted and is going out with her crush. Yet she still feels unhappy. Kyubey appears and asks Rika if she can explain what's wrong. Rika admits that even though she's happy, every time the person she loves smiles at her, her chest tightens. Later, Rika fights a witch and meets two other magical girls Ria Ami and Manaka Kurumi. Ria initially thinks Rika has gone berserk, and tells Rika that her fighting style is both dangerous and inelegant. Manaka then points out that Ria didn't have an elegant fighting style either, to Ria's protests. Rika then compares them to a comedy duo and explains she fights witches as a form of stress relief.

Later, Kyubey contacts Rika as she fights another witch and tells her that she's fighting dangerously. Rika is annoyed by this, but then sees Hinano is in the barrier. After the battle Rika praises Hinano, who is shocked to find Rika is a magical girl. Hinano also tells Rika her fighting style is too dangerous, and Rika explains again that it's stress relief. Hinano tells Rika to try something else, but Rika says she can't. Hinano then asks Rika why she's unhappy. Rika explains that while she wished for her love to be fulfilled, she thinks it's all fake. She says that if her crush only likes her because of a magical compulsion, then it might as well be a lie. Hinano then asks why Rika became a magical girl in the first place. Rika explains that if she didn't make a wish she would never have a chance in the first place. When Hinano asks for an explanation, Rika reveals that the person she likes is a girl. Rika asks Hinano if what she said is gross and weird, but Hinano says it's not. Rika wonders how it was so easy to reveal this truth to Hinano.

Rika and Hinano fight together against a witch. Hinano says that Rika is still fighting dangerously, but Rika says she's planning to stop after this. Rika then explains she broke up with her crush. Hinano asks if it was because it was fake love. Rika says that was part of it. She said that for four years she loved her childhood friend, but she remained friends with her. When Kyubey came, Rika admits she should have rejected his contract. She explains that she accepted the contract because when she saw her childhood friend with her new boyfriend, Rika realized that she could never give her friend that same feelings that her boyfriend did. Rika then says that if she breaks up with her friend, then the boyfriend would have a chance.

Rika tells Hinano that her wish caused the girl she liked and her boyfriend to completely forget about each other, as if they never met in the first place. Rika then explains how the boyfriend helped find Rika's lost ticket at a train station. When this happened, Rika realized the girl she likes and her boyfriend were perfect for each other. Rika explains that she's the one who broke them up, so breaking up with her girlfriend is a way of setting things right. Hinano is impressed that Rika had enough willpower to make that decision. Rika says there's one more thing she needs to do. She brings Hinano to her school, and together plant the notebook of Rika's ex-girlfriend in the bag of her ex-boyfriend. They do the same with the boy's notebook and the girl's bag. Seeing the boy and girl meet each other again, Rika says everything is great.

Afterward, Rika tells Hinano that the girl and the boy were like the prince and princess of fairy tale, and therefore destined to be together. Rika isn't sure what that makes her, but then decides she's like her friend's love Cupid. Rika is surprised to see that Hinano is crying - unaware she's crying herself. Rika asks Hinano to laugh again, but Hinano says that no-one could laugh at what happened. Finally, Rika tells Hinano she loves her....but then says it's not that way, as Hinano isn't really her type. Rika then starts laughing, Hinano stops crying, and the two affirm their friendship.

(Rika's story is continued in Ren Isuzu's Side Story.)

Event Story: "The Diary I Wrote With You"

This is a sequel to Ren's sidestory. Ren and Rika team up to fight a witch. Afterward, Ren rescues one of the witch's victims, who is implied to have been witch kissed. The person is horrified to find they tried to commit suicide. Ren comforts them. Afterward, Rika notes that Ren has been working hard to save people lately. Rika tells Ren she is kind. Ren thinks that by becoming a magical girl she was able to live again, but she doesn't think she's kind or strong. As Ren and Rika depart, Ren thinks that she's able to live now because she met Rika.

Ren goes to a stationary shop to buy colored pencils. She uses these pencils to draw pictures in her diary. Every time she saves someone, she buys a new pencil. This time she buys a cherry pink pencil, which is Rika's favorite color. Ren thinks that Rika is cheerful, is good at talking to people, and has many friends - the exact opposite of Ren. She wonders if Rika is embarrassed by her. After buying the pencil, Ren thinks about how she made this little tradition to build her self confidence. Every pencil corresponds to a person Ren saved, and so by seeing all her pencils together she can see how many people she helped. She hopes to become someone who can stand beside Rika. As she wonders what to write in her diary, she thinks about how it's s still her own secret.

Later, Ren is talking with Akira. Akira is taking about an incident where a man was getting angry while Rika was laughing. It's revealed the girl's are at Emiri's consultation stand. Konomi appears bringing flowers from her aunt and is directed inside. Ren's narration explains that while the stand is open to normal customers it's also a hangout for magical girls, and it's where Ren and Rika usually meet. Akira resumes her story and says that Rika isn't the type to read the mood. Ren disagrees, saying Rika is always aware of Ren's own mood. Akira laughs and says Ren becomes talkative when Rika's involved. Ren is embarrassed by this observation. Then Emiri arrives with Rika, who asks if they're talking about her. Ren is flabbergasted. Emiri wonders if Ren was badmouthing Rika but they both deny it. Rika says her and Ren are close friends.

Ren marvels over how easily Rika can say she's close friends with Ren. She wishes she can say things with the ease Rika can. Later, Rika asks Ren if drawing pictures is a hobby of hers. Rika explains she guessed because of Ren's collection of colored pencils. Ren says she does draw pictures, but she's not very good. Rika really wants to see Ren's pictures, but relents when she learns they're in Ren's diary. Ren still considers showing the pictures to Rika, but then remembers what she wrote in her diary: All of the entries are about Rika in some way. Ren says she can't show Rika her diary. Rika is fine, and asks Ren to tell her if she changes her mind.

When Ren returns home, her parents want to give her something. Her father got two tickets to a picture book exhibition as work. Thinking of Rika, Ren asks if she can take both tickets, which her parents agree too. Ren leaves to put her bag in her room. While she's away, her parents talk to each other about how Rena has gotten more cheerful lately. In her room, Ren reads about the event: "Brooklyn Herman's 150th anniversary -Anthony Cat exhibition-" at the Kamihama Hall of Contemporary Art. Ren wonders if Rika would be interested. She spends some time thinking about how to phrase an invitation.

Ren composes an email to Rika with the invitation, but she still wonders if it's weird to send it. Ren finds her hands are shaking and wonders if it would have been easier to invite Rika if they were ordinary girls of the same age. Ren's parents call her down for dinner, prompting Ren to send the email. Ren wonders how Rika will react and finds her chest is tightening from nervousness. Suddenly she gets an answer. Rika thanks her for the invite, but already has plans that day. Ren thinks the answer came as greater shock then she expected. She also is overcome by a feeling of loneliness and shame. She thinks that even though she's been only turned down once, she feels overwhelmed. She wonders if she would feel overwhelmed if she was greater friends with Rika.

Sometime later, Ren looks for another place she can go together with Rika. Ren sees an advertisement for a teddy bear exhibition and thinks back to when Rika told her she liked bears the most. She wonders if Rika would be interested in teddy bears and decides to send her an invitation for next Sunday. Ren wonders if she's being too insistent. She gets another answer from Rika, who says she's sorry. Because she has to go to supplementary lessons she doesn't think she'll be able to hang out much. Ren gets a feeling of shock, as if she's about to collapse. Ren knows that she can't do anything about Rika going to supplementary lessons, and it shouldn't make her cry, but it does so anyway.

The next Sunday afternoon, Ren walks through the streets of Kamihama and hears the announcement of a Sunday sale. Ren thinks that if it weren't for Rika's lessons they would be at the teddy bear exhibition. She imagines being at the exhibition with Rika, with Rika overjoyed by the sheer amount of bears. Ren suddenly think she's acting like a spoiled child, since Rika is working hard. Suddenly she hears a voice. It's Rika, thanking Kanoko and Emiri for help. Kanoko says it was nothing, while Emiri says they're true friends after all. Rika offers to treat them to tapioca. Kanoko says she doesn't need to, but Emiri wants to be treated. Kanoko says Emiri isn't very reserved. Suddenly Emiri sees Ren, to Rika's surprise. Rika stumbles over her words, trying to give an explanation. Ren just says it's fine and leaves. Kanoko says that wasn't very good, to Rika's agreement.

Later that day, Rika sends an email to Ren apologizing for the other day. She says that she knows Ren doesn't want to hear excuses, but insists she wasn't just hanging out with Kanoko and Emiri. Ren think that there should be many things she wants to say, but she's scared to ask about any of it. Ren thinks that if she were to join Rika and her friends she would have a lot more fun, but she thinks it could also be more painful.

Ren stares at her cell phone screen, unable to write anything. Ren thinks she can change things back to how they were. As she thinks of how Emiri and Kanoko acted to Rika, Ren feels as if her heart gets worn out. She wonders if this is envy. She then wonders how Rika is around her other friends, and what they know about her that she doesn't. Ren thinks this is nothing more than jealousy, and finds it embarrassing and shameful. Ren wonders when she became an impertinent human.

The next day Ren returns home. Her mother asked if anything happened, but Ren says it's nothing. In her room, Ren tries to write something in her diary, but can't think of anything. Ren thinks that a single light of hope can make things sparkles with colors, but when that light disappears, there is nothing beautiful in the darkness. Ren wishes she never knew this feeling, because when she compares what she feels now with the feelings she had when she was with Rika, it isn't a very bad comparison. As Ren starts sobbing she thinks she was an idiot - things can't go back to the way they were.

Later, Rika tells Akira that things have become a problem. Akira asks if she still hasn't heard anything from Ren. Rika says she hasn't and guesses she'll have to tell Ren about her present. Kanoko appears and says it's expected, since Rika was all flustered when she tried to explain herself. Kanoko guesses that Ren thought Rika was lying to her. Rika supposes that was the reason. Kanoko thinks Rika should have done something sooner. Akira asks if Rika has spoken to Ren directly about what happened. Rika says she hasn't because she thinks Ren is avoiding her. Rika doesn't want Ren to think Rika is forcing herself on her.

Kanoko says Rika is wrong and with a misunderstanding like the one Rika had Ren's behavior is expected. Akira tells Rika to find Ren and talk to her face-to-face. Rika says she's right and dashes off. Kanoko and Akira think Rika is the same as always. As she searches for Ren, Rika recalls that Ren's favorite room at school was the audiovisual room. Ren liked it because it was a quiet place where people rarely came. As Rika heads to Ren's school, she sees a shadow. Rika runs into the school. Going to the audiovisual room, Rika hears a sound there. She thinks about coming in, but then gets a better idea.

From within the audiovisual room, Ren gets a phone call from Rika. Rika says if she saw Ren's face she might not be able to tell her everything she wants to say. Ren thinks that she likes places like the audiovisual room, where she can make everything outside wait for her. Rika asks Ren if this is because of the other day when Ren saw her with Kanoko and Emiri. Upon hearing Ren's startled reaction, Rika explains to her what actually happened that day.

It turns out Rika was trying to give Ren a birthday present. She asks Akira about what to get, mentioning that she knows Ren collects colored pencils. Rika thinks that if she just bought some, they would only be another set of pencils. Suddenly Emiri arrives, asking the girls to look at her decorated phone case. This gives Rika an idea - they can buy normal pencils for Ren and then decorate them. The girls think it's a good idea, and Emiri suggests bringing in Kanoko to help. Rika says it's a good idea, since she's not good at making things by hand.

The girls then try to decide what design to use. Rika first think of using a lotus flower (Renge in Japanese). Akira thinks flowers suit her, but Rika thinks Ren isn't a lotus flower person. She then thinks of using May bells (Suzuran in Japanese, sounding like Ren's name). Akira thinks it sounds like a dad joke, but Konomi suddenly appears and says it's fine. She says that in flower language May Bells mean "Genuine" and "Pure". The girls decide that May bells are good. Emiri then takes Rika to meet Kanoko, to Akira and Konomi chuckling.

When the girls meet Kanoko she points that while she has a workshop at home it's a metal workshop. Kanoko can't do woodwork. Rika says that they'll engrave Ren's name on the pencils themselves, but she also wants to engrave drawings on the pencil case. Kanoko agrees that would be metalwork. After pleas from Emiri and Rika, Kanoko says that as the daughter of Itagane Yayoi she can't leave a job half-done. She promises to give Rika all the supplementary lessons she needs. However, she insists that she will only be the teacher and that Rika will do the actual work. Rika agrees. Kanoko spends the whole day training Rika, while Emiri provides refreshments. Kanoko says metalworking is hard, and Rika thinks it's respectable. Finally, Rika finishes her gift.

Back in the present, Rika says she wanted Ren's gift to be a surprise. Suddenly Ren leaves the audiovisual room. Rika gives her the present and wishes her a happy birthday. Rika asks her not stare at it too much, since it's the first time she's done something like this. She admits her gift is pretty rough. Ren sees the gift is twelve colored pencils, and on the case is an engraved picture of May bells. Ren think it's the prettiest thing she's ever seen. Ren thinks it's unfair, since now things can never go back to way they were. She mentally apologizes to Rika, because when she looks at the gift and thinks of how Rika made it, the May bells slowly blur away.

Ren starts crying and thanks Rika for making the gift. Rika says you're welcome. Ren narrates how every day she saves someone, her pencil count increases by one. But in this one day, her pencil count increases by twelve. Ren thinks that once again, Rika easily does thing Ren wishes she could do. As they walk home, Rika tells Ren to cool down with some ice so her eyes won't swell. Ren apologizes for the misunderstanding, calling herself embarassing and weak spirited. Rika says she's not weak - she's gentle and genuine. Rika explains she chose May bells because what Konomi told her about their meaning in flower language. Rika thinks it's a perfect flower for Ren. Ren wonders why Rika can always tell her exactly what she wants to hear and thinks it must be a miracle.

The girls look at the sunset. Ren thinks that she still wants to change, be able to talk more about herself, and learn more about Rika. She promises to herself that one day, when she gets to the final page of her diary, she'll tell her everything about it. She mentally tells Rika to wait a little more. As the girls depart, Ren thinks how in her diary there's a special page she always wants to read again. It's the page she wrote the day she met Rika. But on this day, she wrote another page she wants to read again. On the corner of that page is a drawing of Ren's name, encircled by May bells. It's drawn with twelve colored pencils.

Other Appearances



  • The characters of her last name mean "design" (綾) and "plain" (野) respectively.
  • The characters of her first name mean "pear" (梨) and "flower" (花) respectively.



Memoria Cards

Card Effect Cooldown Eng Text Jap Text
Full On Fashion!
Draw Owner's Disks
Max Limit Break:
Draw Owner's Disks
15 turns
Max Limit Break:
13 turns
**Unique to Rika Ayano**
Fashionable garments, the latest and most popular cosmetics.

She likes pretty girl-like fashion, It often happens that you are prejudiced by just looking ....



My Dreams Continue After I Wake Up
Guaranteed Guardian (Self / 1 Turn)
Max Limit Break:
Guaranteed Guardian (Self / 1 Turn) + Regenerate HP [IX]
7 turns
Max Limit Break:
6 turns
I wonder what kind of dream I had while I was waiting for you? Do I still want to keep the memories of that day—the ones I wrote in my diary—a secret from you? After waking up from a happy dream, there's nothing to be sad about. I can just continue my dream with you, the one who is right here in front of me. 君を待っている間に見た夢は、どんな夢だっただろう?

君にはまだ秘密にしておきたい、日記に書いたあの日の思い出? 幸せな夢から覚めたって、悲しむことなんて何もない 夢の続きはこれから、目の前にいる君とまた始めればいい

This is the Fragrance of Love
Anti-Bind & Defense UP [I]
Max Limit Break: Anti-Bind & Defense UP [II]
Passive Even if it's a dream or an illusion, anything is fine. Any lies or guilty feelings, put all that stuff aside. For now, I just want to be intoxicated by this sweet smell a little while longer. 夢でも幻でも、何だっていい。

嘘とか罪悪感とか、そういうのも置いといて。 今はただ、もう少しだけ、この甘い匂いに酔っていたい。

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