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Riz Hawkwood
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Japanese Name リズ・ホークウッド

Riz Hawkwood (リズ・ホークウッド Rizu Hōkuuddo) is one of the main characters in Puella Magi Tart Magica: The Legend of "Jeanne d'Arc". She is one of Tart's companions and close friends.


General info

Physical features

  • Eye colour: Yellow
  • Hair colour: Black


  • Soul gem: A rectangle on one of her wrists.
  • Weapon: Daggers that can change into spears, swords, whips, and scythes
  • Wish: To be the one from whom a new, true hero would spring.
  • Japanese pronoun:
  • Known relatives: John Hawkwood (grandfather), Donnina Visconti (grandmother), Bernabó Visconti (great-grandfather).


Riz has the ability to use shadows as portals. During combat, Riz uses this power to teleport herself and others around the battlefield, send attacks through shadows to hit targets at a distance, and transport nearby objects/people into a temporary pocket-reality.

Riz's ultimate ability is the "Gates of Hell". She summons two enormous doors, which open up and drag both her opponents and herself inside before vanishing.


  • Riz briefly uses the name "Riz Visconti" (リズ・ヴィスコンティ Rizu Visukonti) in volume 1, possibly to disguise her name or origin.


  • Riz is named after John Hawkwood, a famous figure from 1400's Europe.
  • "Riz" can be alternatively read as "Liz". In fact, fans referred to her as Liz until the official English translation of the manga was released.


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